Now I know why photography lovers don’t switch to Android.

I switched to Android because I had grown tired of iOS 7 and the fact that I wanted a bigger phone. Now that I’ve switched, I’ve begun to notice some really horrific things while using Instagram. The compression process my photos undergo on Android make me want to barf all over myself and go back to iPhone.

When I still had my iPhone 5, I would take photos, edit them in VSCO, and upload to Instagram. It was a lovely relationship we all had together. Now with my Nexus 5, I take photos, edit them in VSCO, and upload to Instagram. It is a horrendous relationship with terrible communication and a strong desire to have extramarital affairs.

When I upload just about any photo to Instagram on Android, the photos go through some kind of compression process that degrades the photo. I’m not really sure why I didn’t notice it at first. Maybe I didn’t think it was a big deal, or it’s gotten worse since their redesign of the app. I’m not one to slight developers, and I know how hard it is to develop for the multitude of Android devices, but I cannot fathom what an actual Android using Instagram developer feels like when using their app. Maybe there are none? I don’t mean that as snark, mainly because the Twitter for Android app compresses ANY photo you try to view inside of the app. (It looks fine previewed in your Timeline, but when you click on that photo “LOL good luck what a piece of crap phone I have ha ha android.)

As someone who is really into recreational photography, you are probably like, “you dope why did you switch everyone that loves taking photos uses an iPhone you dope.” I get that, I do. But shut up. At least I don’t have an HTC One.

When I upload the photos to VSCO’s lovely Grid, they look gorgeously untouched and uncompressed. At least, to my eyes. When I look at the same photo having gone through Instagram’s upload process, I barely even want to use the app any longer.

Some examples of photos that I’ve uploaded to VSCO compared with their Instagram counterpart are below. I really love my Nexus 5, and I do not want to stop using Instagram. But at this point I might as well just go back to iPhone. Not exactly a sterling endorsement of Android, but that’s how annoying it is to me as a user. (Tip, open these links on a Retina device, preferably a Retina iPad.)

Example 1:

Example 2:

Example 3:

Example 4:

Anyhow, I never noticed any high compression while using my iPhone 5, but after seeing what happens on my Nexus 5 I’m maybe ready to go back.

yanizzle asked:

Hi @slim! Quick question regarding your post about podcasting via tumblr/dropbox. I recently set up a new podcast show using the setup you suggested at mysticparty-dot-tumblr-dot-com and I did this yesterday after creating the Feedburner and directing the RSS there, but I still don't see it on iTunes. Does it take a while to show up or am I maybe doing it wrong? Any advice would be super appreciated. Thank you! -Yaniv


If you submitted to iTunes, everything looks alright, actually. 

However, I don’t really recommend doing things this way as it is super-hacky and worked for a period of time. And if you do more than 20 episodes, only the most recent 20 will appear in iTunes. I originally did this because I was cheap and thought I was smarter than everyone using Libsyn, and eventually realized I was wrong. Plus Libsyn is like $10/mo.

Everything looks good, so long as your Feedburner was submitted and accepted into iTunes. 


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