Libsyn, Listeners, & Your Face.

Previously, I’ve written lengthy articles on how I use an iPad, Dropbox, Tumblr, and Feedburner to get my podcasts into iTunes.

With Paperkeg’s loyal listenership sticking around, Dale and I decided to actually use a paid hosting service. This would be the first time I would ever pay for a specific podcast hosting service for any podcast I’ve done.

Way back in the Jerkoff Radio(Google it) days, I used It’s a free service which is most likely known for it’s Internet Wayback Machine. The problem with that service was occasionally the URLs for the direct links would change on the fly. So on a random day where the permalinks would change, anywhere I’d posted that particular .mp3 URL would be busted.

Eventually, I moved to Dropbox as a hosting service. I pay for the 100GB plan every month, so I decided I might as well give it a go. It’s relatively simple to set up, so if you’re curious, you can head over here for the how-to.

There were some drawbacks, however, as using Tumblr as your RSS feed that heads to Feedburner only displays the most recent 20 posts. Paperkeg recently hit #31, so folks that hit our iTunes or elsewhere and wanted to start from the beginning were SOL. Superweak, and I had known about it, but didn’t have the time to switch to a legit system.

We’ve finally made the move to Libsyn and hope that their tracking of downloads are a bit better than Feedburner, but one can never know.

I’m sure no service is perfect.

When this site first started and @dUb-iLL and I were doing the nerdcastONLINE podcast, we had thousands of downloads the first few weeks, but nobody was really emailing or giving feedback. Once the numbers came down a bit, we really created our specific listenership that wanted to be a part of the show, which was cool.

I’d rather have 40 listeners that are actively engaged in the show than 4000 listeners who let us run in the background while they work.

We’ve really hit a solid point in the podcast, I think. I can honestly say the audio quality of our show is better than any other comics podcast out there. (RIP Meltcast) I really believe that.

Give it a listen or else, nerd.

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